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Using our service address

Your service address is where official communications to the director of the comapny will be sent, for example letters from Companies House.

If you would like to keep your residential address away from the public register,it is recommend that you can use our service address.

Your company service address will be publicly available on the online register.

You can receive HMRC and Companies House letter at our service address and have them forwarded to you anywhere in the UK.

We need two Proof of Address

Due to updates in the money laundering regulation act we are now required to obtain certified identification for all clients existing and new.

The identification must be provided to us in one of two ways:

A) Bring in person the two requested original identification documents into our address in London. A staff member will then check the documents and sign and date this to verify the identification.

B) Have the identification certified by a professional person who is not already a friend or a relative of the applicant for example:

Proof of ID (one of the following)

• Passport

• Driving licence (with photocard)

• National identity card

• HM Forces identity card

• Employment identification card

• Disabled drivers blue pass

Proof of Address dated within the last 3 months (one of the following)

• Gas or electricity bill

• Telephone bill (excluding mobile phone bill)

• Water bill

• Mortgage statement

• Council tax bill

• Bank statement

• TV licence

Client from within the European Union - Documents must be certified

• Both documents must be certified, and accompanied by a relevant stamp, by one of the following entities: Solicitor, Accountant, Post address, Local council, Doctor, Minister of Religion, Notary

• The certifier will also need to sign, date and print their name in full on each copied document. They will also need provide their business contact details including address and telephone number.

Clients outside the European Union - Documents must be notarized

• Both documents must be notarized by a Public Notary

We thank you for your help in complying with these regulations which have been put in place to help safeguard your business.

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